types documentary

A demystifying look into the world of diabetes through a familial lens; this film follows three people forever impacted by the deadly disease.

types: pitch tape


As the number of diabetics (Type 1 and 2) increase every day, families are left to discern their new reality this disease has presented them. This is what happened when my mother, Tracy, was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 29. Through the struggles of diabetic comas,  partial paralysis, and an eventual early death, Tracy’s loved ones continue to pick up the pieces of our broken family unit. As a way to teach my baby sister, Sophie (13), more about our mother and the disease she fought for decades, Types will tell the story of Tracy’s battle with the disease while also following two other diabetics in a world of health disparities, inequity, and pharmaceutical giants.

Lisa, a fresh-faced Type 2 diabetic, bears incredible similarities to Tracy. Comparably, they both raised two children, struggled with divorce, and provided as the head of the household. Despite the striking resemblance, Tracy and Lisa’s fundamental approach to the care of the disease is what sets them apart. Through our time with Lisa, we will see how her new relationship with diabetes continues past her faithful optimism and settles into reality. 

Keyana, a fiercely independent 26 year old, faces her current and lifelong challenges head-on. Recently forced onto her own insurance plan, she traverses the path of what it means to transition from a juvenile diabetic to an adult with diabetes. She will also introduce us to what it means to be a young black woman with a chronic and life-threatening disease and the advocacy and strength that is required to overcome and thrive in the face of these challenges.

Together, these women and their stories will introduce a new perspective on what it means to be a diabetic and help enlighten common misconceptions about the disease.